It's time to get a grip on your finances

Personal finance coaching for Coaches and Creatives
Make your financial success INEVITABLE

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It's time to get a grip on your personal finances

Money management coaching for the passionately self-employed 
Find financial freedom while doing the work you love

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You’re tired of feeling like you never have enough money to do everything.

How are you supposed to plan for taxes, pay down debt, save for the future, have enough left over to travel and not feel guilty about ordering take out again?

Everything feels urgent, and you’re sick of deciding on the fly which fire to put out first every time the money comes in. You’re afraid to check your bank balance because you know you won’t like the number and it won’t ever feel like enough no matter what it is.

I mean, how are you supposed to get your act together when you're not sure how much money you can count on paying yourself next month?

You know you should be budgeting and saving
, but you’re more concerned about having enough to cover the bills in case that client who always pays late takes another week or two to send the check.

You put off thinking about money until you really have to.  By then the situation feels dire, and you don’t even know where to begin... 

So you stress yourself out worrying about things like going back to full time work just for the steady paycheck; wondering whether you’ll be able to retire before you’re 80 and whether you’ll ever actually be able to live the life you want and pay taxes.

What if money didn’t have to be so frickin’ hard?

Imagine you no longer have “money problems” and there are no fires that need to be put out.  You sleep better knowing that you’re on the right track even if things aren’t perfect, and you stop stressing yourself out over worst case scenarios.  You’re clear on what needs to be done first, know when you have enough money in the bank and feel less guilty about ordering take out - again.

You’re less rattled and more prepared to handle the unexpected when things don’t go according to plan.  And you’re actually excited to think about what your life could look like a year from now; how you might even surprise yourself with how much closer you are to achieving financial goals you once thought were impossible.

You can focus more on doing the work you're really good at, and get back to enjoying the freedom and independence you love so much about working for yourself. You can breathe again, and feel inspired and motivated to get your head back in the game and make real progress.

I’m a personal finance coach for self employed freelancers and entrepreneurs who are good at what they do, yet feel like no matter how much money they make it’ll never be enough.

I help them get a grip on their personal finances so they can relax, and confidently handle the highs and lows of being their own boss.

In our work together, you will learn exactly what you need to do to stop feeling like you’re barely holding it together and start taking control of the money you’re making. You’ll also be more motivated than ever to focus on the work you love doing.  When we’re done, you’ll have a renewed sense of confidence, and the clarity you need to pursue your most ambitious goals.

As a result of Get a Grip on the Money You’re Making you’ll…
  • Stop the vague panic and overwhelm you feel when you think about your personal finances and hone in on the one thing causing you the most stress
  • Know exactly which actions to take so you can get the greatest traction with your money by prioritizing your spending, saving more towards your goals and tackling debt.
  • Learn a practical approach for long term financial success as a solo entrepreneur, so you can put your energy into doing work that fulfills you without constantly worrying about money 
  • Have a curated list of resources that help you manage your money better so you can reach your financial goals faster


  • Get it off your chest 
    This simple form will allow you to share your fears and concerns about the biggest personal financial stress keeping you up at night, free of shame or judgement.  With this monkey off your back, we’ll dig in together with a fresh perspective and approach to your biggest money challenge.
  • Relief Session 
    During this 60 minute virtual meeting we’ll address your unique situation and develop a simple strategy that gives you immediate relief from the biggest money stress that’s been holding you back.  You’ll get clarity on exactly where you need to focus your energy to gain the most traction. By the end of the session you’ll be more motivated and inspired to embrace financial success as a solo entrepreneur.
  • Anchored Finances List 
    You’ll receive a list of action items to take when you’re feeling overwhelmed, so you can find your footing whenever the unexpected arises.  You’ll also receive a list of money management resources, uniquely suited to you, that will help keep your finances in check.
  • Feeling Grounded Check In
    7 days later we’ll check in to see how you’re doing and make sure you’re feeling confident and capable. We’ll adjust your checklist and resources as needed, to be extra certain you have the right tools to stay on track. You’ll leave the session knowing that you have a solid coping strategy and framework for finding financial stability no matter what the world throws at you!

You can finally fully enjoy your work as a solo entrepreneur without worrying about money all the time. And I can help you take that first step!

Investment $99

Are you ready to do this?!  I am!  Here’s what’s next if you’re in… 

Step 1
Click here to book your 60 minute 1:1 Relief Session and submit payment
Step 2
Fill out the Get it off Your Chest form on the booking page
Step 3
Show up at our scheduled time and get ready to Get a grip on the Money You’re Making!
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If you have any questions, please email connect@highfivesf.com. I will respond personally within 48 hours. Cheers to your financial health and well being!


What High Five SF Offers

Each of my client relationships is unique and treated with great care. I meet you where you are, understand where you want to be, and empower you with the knowledge and perspective you need in order to avoid costly mistakes and make sound financial decisions for yourself and your business.

Business Finance

For service businesses that generate $250K-$1 million in annual revenue

  • Manage inconsistent revenue
  • Tax planning
  • Financial systems
    Growth opportunity assessments

Two 30 minute advising sessions
Written analysis and recommendations

Personal Finance

For ambitious entrepreneurs generating six figures annually

  • Income tax planning
  • How to manage and leverage debt
  • Build a solid cash cushion
  • Planning for early retirement

Two 30 minute advising sessions
Customized cash flow plan

Must have completed Finance Assessment


Solutions customized to fit your needs

  • Cash flow projections
  • Business opportunity assessment
  • Third Line ..............................................
  • Fourth Line ...........................................

30 to 60 minute weekly, monthly or quarterly sessions

Must have completed Finance Assessment and Cash Flow Planning


About High Five SF

Working for yourself is equal parts exhilarating and terrifying. We choose this work and this lifestyle in part because of the freedom it promises; the freedom to do the work we love, wherever and with whomever we choose, and to shatter the ceiling on our earning potential. A solid financial foundation is critical to this life of freedom and unlimited possibilities. And I can tell you that it is not elusive, and it does not have to be terrifying. It can be demystified and mastered, so that you can focus your energy on creating the life you want to live.

My name is Luisa Alberto, Creator of HighFiveSF, and as a small business owner and freelancer turned solopreneur myself, I know how easy it is to lose the forest for the trees.  I also know that with clarity and intentional action, anything is possible. Having worked closely with visionaries in the early stages of formation for Bay Area born companies such as Blue Bottle Coffee and Good Eggs, I am skilled at breaking through perceived roadblocks and implementing scalable solutions.

I created HighFiveSF to address a lack of personable support and education around managing business and personal finances; a skill set critical to the success and longevity of any entrepreneurial endeavor. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and most end up learning hard lessons as a result of costly mistakes. Leveraging 15 years of experience as a San Francisco based Business Operations and Finance specialist, I help you cut through the chaos, understand your current financial position and achieve your objectives (both business and personal). Put an end to financial uncertainty and implement concrete systems that take the guesswork out of money management for good. Expect lots of high fives along the way.

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What my Clients have to say

"... Luisa has helped us to see the forest for the trees... [she] is personable, amiable and wise ... Her business acumen is expressed with the demeanor of a good friend who wants what's best for us, and she is able to reflect back our priorities and consider how to best position ourselves to thrive personally and professionally."


Co-Founder, Sea Forager
"Luisa came on as a controller for our company for close to two years during a time of fast growth, many contractors and vendors.  She streamlined both our financial operations and reporting, and brought a calm steadiness to everything she touched."


Chief of Staff, OTLA
"I really appreciate the work you are doing to help us get our act together. It's really changing our lives."


Founder, CEO, Creative Director
"I experienced [Luisa] as thoughtful and caring, very focused with clear steps, action items and intentionality, [bringing] intelligence- both on paper and in emotional intelligence.  [Luisa] made me feel empowered and really supported, seen and heard so that I felt supported how I needed to be."


Owner, Pitre Gardens

Back on Track in 30 Days(could use a snazzier title)

A simple, personalized money plan that finally gives you clarity and control over your personal finances

So, you’ve been working hard and making money but have no idea where it’s going.

You know you need to save but you're not sure how much, where to put it or what you can even afford to set aside every month.

And then there’s the debt you’re carrying around that never seems to go away. Even though you’re making monthly payments, it's gotten out of hand.

How are you supposed to get ahead of the game and plan for the future when you're living month to month?

You feel stuck and unsure what to do because it’s all overwhelming, time consuming and there’s no clear place to start, so you keep on keepin’ on and just hope for the best.

The trouble is, you’re losing sleep and stressed out about every little decision you need to make when it comes to money, to the point where you’d rather stop checking your bank account and live in denial of overdraft fees.
All you really want is to stop worrying about money all the time, know that you’ve got each month covered, that you’re paying down your debt and won’t be totally screwed by the time you’re ready to retire.  
You wish you had more flexibility and the option to quit your 9-5, spend more time on your side hustle, with your family, move to a bigger apartment, or even retire early!

I hear you.

I lived paycheck to paycheck for almost 2 decades and know how hard it is to get out of the cycle alone.  As a professional working in small business finance and operations for 15 years, I excelled at setting up efficient business systems, but had terrible habits when it came to my own finances.
One major life change (my daughter, Eva) later and the importance of a stable financial future became crystal clear. I have dedicated everyday since to mastering the skill of money management and leverage my learnings to help others transform their lives - and their bank accounts - for the better.  For good.

Regardless of how much money you’re making right now, you can learn how to manage it with ease, confidence and clarity.  I’m so excited to show you how.

Back on Track in 30 Days is a simple and effective 1:1 program where we create a customized money plan that gives you clarity and control over your finances, so that you can live life with more options and flexibility.

This program consists of:

1 x Pre Session  
* A simple form for entering your fixed monthly expenses, along with instructions on which expenses count as “fixed” and how best to capture them.
* You will also submit one financial goal that if you achieved it in the next 6-12 months would dramatically change your life.  
* Lastly, you will submit your main challenge to achieving that financial goal.

Completing the form should take about 20 minutes

1 x 60 Minute 1:1 Session
* We will review and confirm your actual monthly fixed expenses vs. variable expenses so you know how much your life actually costs you every month
* We will breakdown your one financial goal into achievable monthly goals that guarantee you can reach it
* We will proactively address your main challenge to ensure that you're able to make real progress
* You will know how much you can actually afford to spend on everything else every month so that you don’t go deeper into debt

1 x Personalized Monthly Money Plan
* You will receive a personalized Monthly Money Plan that outlines exactly how your money needs to work for you every month, along with tips and resources for getting organized and starting right away!

1 x 30 Minute follow up 1:1 Accountability Session
I will email you 10 days after our initial session to schedule an Accountability session where we will discuss the following:
* Did you follow the action plan?
* Are you on track to achieve your financial goal?  What have been your challenges and successes?
* Together we will identify one small step you can take to achieve your financial goal even faster.

Get Started

Step 1

Click the "Get Started" button to book your 60 Minute 1:1 Session. Once you book, you will receive the required pre-work form to prepare for your first session.

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Step 2

Complete the form and submit no later than 48 hours prior to your first scheduled session.

Step 3

Following our first 1:1 session, I will email your Personalized Monthly Money Plan that outlines exactly how your money needs to work for you every month, along with tips and resources for getting organized and starting right away!

Step 4

Two weeks later, I will email you a link to schedule your follow up 30 Minute 1:1 Accountability session.


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