Work With Me

Are you ready to stop hustling and start making your financial success inevitable?

So lemme guess, you're stressed out by inconsistent income? Feel like you'll be in debt forever? Struggle with the thought that no matter how much you make it'll never be enough to actually retire (what does that word even mean)?

Screw that! Let's get you super organized, crystal clear and Beyonce-level confident about your finances so you can live the good life, k?

Who I Work With

I work with entrepreneurs who want to make real money doing the work they were born to do. Their business revenue is good, but unpredictable. They're making it work from month to month, but want to stop feeling guilty about ordering take out (again) and leaning on credit cards "just in case".

They want to pay off their debt, stop busting their butts to please everybody else, and feel like they actually know what they’re doing when it comes to money. They’re ready for a change, but they don’t have a plan or an easy way to get their butt in gear. And if they’re really honest with themselves, they know that without the right guidance and support, things will never change.

What we do together...

We make money simple.

We set up reliable systems, so you spend less time managing your money and more time enjoying it. I mean, isn't that the point?

You’ll have a solid plan for repaying debt and saving cash so you can think about things like where to buy land for your tiny house, scaling your business to 7-figures and how to make work optional.

Your money life will run like a fine tuned machine. And you’ll finally know how much money you need to make your dreamiest life real, and feel confident that every money decision you make is a leap towards your inevitable success.


I offer virtual coaching via Zoom


Discovery Call
15 minutes

First things first, let’s get to know each other a bit...

In this short and sweet 15 minute call, we’ll discuss what challenges you’re currently facing and decide whether the time is right to make a plan, and start moving mountains!


Strategy Session

This is where the magic happens!!

You complete a simple Financial Worksheet & give me an idea of where you are on your financial journey.

Based on the information you provide, I complete a meticulous review of your finances and show up with a done-for-you money plan for tackling your short and long term goals.

That's right - done. for. you.

You come out of this session with a foolproof plan for managing your money so that you can live your best life today, without screwing over your future self and her life, ya dig?

We schedule a 15 minute check in 2 weeks following your Strategy Session


Coaching Packages

At the end of our 15 minute check in, we'll decide whether 1:1 coaching is the right next move!

We'll get super real about whether you're knocking it out of the park with your money plan, or if ongoing coaching is the magic sauce you need to be 100% certain you're on track for the major leagues (baseball analogies, really Luisa?).

1:1 coaching ensures that you have exactly the right systems, skills and unwavering accountability you need to stay the course.

(Invite Only)

3 Month Package

Six 60 minute bi-weekly meetings where we deep dive into specific solutions and implement personalized systems that make reaching your financial goals inevitable.

This is for you if you have big goals, and want 1:1 support to implement a 12 month money plan that works for you.

6 Month Package

MONTHS 1-3 - Six 60 minute bi-weekly meetings
MONTHS 4-6 - Three 60 minute monthly meetings

This is for you if you have big goals, and want 1:1 support to implement a 12 month money plan and develop strong financial skills and habits that make your long term success inevitable!

Are you sure the way you're managing your money now will get you where you want to be in a year? Five years? Ten years?

Why not be sure?



"I experienced [Luisa] as thoughtful and caring, very focused with clear steps, action items and intentionality, [bringing] intelligence- both on paper and in emotional intelligence.  [Luisa] made me feel empowered and really supported, seen and heard so that I felt supported how I needed to be."

JP, Owner Pitre Gardens

"I really appreciate the work you are doing to help us get our act together. It's really changing our lives."

Eric, Founder / CEO Creative Director

"... Luisa has helped us to see the forest for the trees... [she] is personable, amiable and wise ... Her business acumen is expressed with the demeanor of a good friend who wants what's best for us, and she is able to reflect back our priorities and consider how to best position ourselves to thrive personally and professionally."

Camilla, Co-Founder Sea Forager

"Luisa came on as a controller for our company for close to two years during a time of fast growth, many contractors and vendors.  She streamlined both our financial operations and reporting, and brought a calm steadiness to everything she touched."

Marcus, Chief of Staff OTLA

If you have any questions, please email - I will personally respond within 24 hours
Cheers to your financial health and well being!